The Firm

A Unique, Personalized Approach

At Toler Law Group, PC, (TLG) we believe you deserve a unique and personalized approach. This client-centered focus allows us to leverage our expertise to meet your needs and goals. Our patent team excels in delivering prompt, innovative, and efficient counseling. Our philosophy to strategically partner with you yields outstanding legal results that distinguish us from our competitors. Our team will work closely with you to ensure the strategy pursued is the most effective way to reach your goals. TLG can assist you in the following areas:

Build a Patent Portfolio

We can assist you to build a high-value patent portfolio based on an intellectual property strategy that is aligned with your business. For patent preparation and procurement, we offer fixed-fee, capped fees, and other no surprise-fee arrangements.

Patent Portfolio Monetization
TLG assists clients to monetize IP assets. Monetization work includes patent mining, developing evidence of use, licensing, sales, litigation, and other options.
Patent Litigation Defense
Have you been sued for patent infringement or received a patent demand letter? We can perform a patent review, a preliminary prior art search, and an initial consultation without fee. After initial consultation, we can discuss defensive options. One option is to challenge asserted patent(s) at the USPTO by filing an Inter Partes Review (IPR) (See our article). Other options include fact-based negotiations and litigation defense.